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Linen FAQs

How to I care for my Linens?
The first golden rule is to follow the instructions on the label. Linen is a natural product and is better served by lukewarm water and pure soap. For further details please click here

Can I order sizes other than those on the size chart?
Yes. Please email or call for more details. Please click here to go to our contact details

How are Svaja linens packaged?
Please click here to see examples of Svaja packaging

Is there a minimum order?
1. The minimum order value is £150 + vat
2. For carriage paid order the minimum is £300 + vat (UK only)
3. Carriage on international orders is at cost (UPS)

How will my Linens be shipped?
In the UK carriage will be via a recognised carrier
For large consignments and where glass is included in the order, delivery will be by pallet For International shipments UPS is the preferred carrier and deliveries will usually be made in 3-6 days from dispatch.

Does Linen Shrink?
Linen and Linen Cotton mix fabrics do shrink and this natural phenomenon is accounted for either in the treatment of the linen during production or alternatively the delivered product is oversize to take account of subsequent shrinking which is most prominent during the first washing.

Green Credentials
Flax farming uses around 80% less pesticides that cotton farming. It does not require additional irrigation and is a renewable and rotative crop. Indeed, the skills and technologies involved in Flax production, cultivation and harvesting mean that there is no waste. By products produced include, Linseed Oil, Pulp used for Paper production and Shive which are flakes from the Flax used in insulation materials.

Further, the flax once fully growth is left in the field to the elements (sun and rain) so nature can take its' course allowing the fibres to be more easily extracted. Therefore, Linen does have vintage years like wine production and for the same reasons - weather.