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Press Feedback

"The way the light reflects from the such intricate design of the Coral Reef Platter is exquisite"
Jo Kilgour, Good Housekeeping

"The Collection is so stunning and vibrant"
Harriet Compston, Country and Town House

"The Heart Vase is beautifully made and looks fantastic on its own or with roses!"
Suzanne Carter, She

UKTI Svaja case study

UKTI Svaja case study "Kristina Bobs’ company, Svaja, designs and manufactures handmade decorative glassware and linen textiles. She runs Svaja from the UK with her husband Nigel, and production takes place in the many parts of Europe, including Lithuania where Kristina was born and raised.

"It was Kristina’s dream to expose the creative skills and talent hidden in the Baltics and make them available to the international market,” says Nigel Bobs, director of Svaja. “Our target markets are people and organisations which have an eye for contemporary design and excellent quality."