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Press Feedback

"The way the light reflects from the such intricate design of the Coral Reef Platter is exquisite"
Jo Kilgour, Good Housekeeping

"The Collection is so stunning and vibrant"
Harriet Compston, Country and Town House

"The Heart Vase is beautifully made and looks fantastic on its own or with roses!"
Suzanne Carter, She

Svaja hits the small screen

Have you been watching daytime television? It seems that Svaja is popular at both ends of the day. Both Richard & Judy and Lorraine Kelly have managed to surround themselves with items from the Svaja Collection.

Svaja hits small screen

(Shown above from Left to Right: Cloak of Neringa, Frozen Flame and Madeira hit the small screen on Richard & Judy (with Julian McMahon); Cloak of Neringa on Lorraine Kelly's Good Morning).