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Press Feedback

"Domino Vase in Silver Black Antique was the most talked about piece at The Trend House"
Charlotte Cowell, PR Manager Spring Fair

"The whole team has commented on the unique designs and beautiful colours – we all want Basil the Bird on our desks"
Katie Cotgrave, Northern Homes

"The Heart Vase is beautifully made and looks fantastic on its own or with roses!"
Suzanne Carter, She

Kristina Bobs spends time at the Alexander Miles Gallery in St Katherine Docks, London

Kristina spent two days over the weekend of 1st & 2nd of November 2014 at a Meet the Designers event to show Svaja’s stunning new glass range at the gallery.

Tailored to fit beautifully alongside existing pieces, Svaja's new ranges take their work in an exciting new direction, with their new designs representing a quantum leap, fusing a deep understanding of their roots with a host of new techniques; it's some of their finest work yet.

In an interview for the gallery, Kristina talks about Svaja's latest work, and the ethos underpinning her approach to design and what makes luxury.

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