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Press Feedback

"Domino Vase in Silver Black Antique was the most talked about piece at The Trend House"
Charlotte Cowell, PR Manager Spring Fair

"The Collection is so stunning and vibrant"
Harriet Compston, Country and Town House

"The whole team has commented on the unique designs and beautiful colours – we all want Basil the Bird on our desks"
Katie Cotgrave, Northern Homes

Exclusive Arabic Art Exhibition

February 2014

 Kristina Bobs was invited to visit an exclusive event in cultural capital of Saudi Arabia.

ATHR Gallery in Jeddah launched a unique event; Unofficial histories behind the mass expansion of Makah (Mecca)! The Exhibition was entitled, Desert of Pharan!  A symposium emphasising the importance, role and influence of Saudi art in the Global Art World. A unique concept, contemporary setting and the exciting story of the development of Makah.

Stylish entertainment in unmistakeable and unforgettable Arabian style kept us going all night long!