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Press Feedback

"The way the light reflects from the such intricate design of the Coral Reef Platter is exquisite"
Jo Kilgour, Good Housekeeping

"Domino Vase in Silver Black Antique was the most talked about piece at The Trend House"
Charlotte Cowell, PR Manager Spring Fair

"The Heart Vase is beautifully made and looks fantastic on its own or with roses!"
Suzanne Carter, She

Bahrain - UK Business Forum

April 2013

Kristina was invited to Bahrain - UK Business Forum held at the Dorcester Hotel, London.

The event was exceptionally well organised and attended by the highest caliber guests - British and Bahrain ministers, ambassadors, media and the executives of UK companies.

Click here to visit their website www.bahrainbusinessforum.co.uk