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Gulf Interiors - March 2011

Kristina’s Profile and exclusive interview for leading publication in all gulf region – GULF INTERIORS

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Middle East Interiors Magazine

Kristina’s exclusive interview to Middle East Interiors Magazine - leading trendsetter in  Middle East market:

I look at luxury as philosophy, experience…Luxury doesn’t necessary mean golden or sparkling…I look at luxury as a good style where everything harmoniously fits together.

 For full article, click here...

Middle East Interiors





Kristina Svajone Bobs - interview by Sarah Christophers


When I asked Kristina, Svaja’s founder and Creative Director, for a quote to introduce her interview she chose this from HH Sheikh Mohamed…

"Waiting has never been our choice in the past, nor is it in the present. We are always striving, anticipating the future and preparing for it."

Kristina is known for her passion, drive and vision and these 26 words neatly sum up her approach. Here she treats us to an intimate chat about her past, her present and her future dreams… 


Kristina’s insights...


“The first thing people say when seeing Svaja glass is “Beautiful, I love the colour”; but often they also think “Oh, where would I put it?  Is it too bright/modern/big for my space?”  Inspirational accessories will complete your interior but it can be difficult to make the right choices at first.  With a few pointers you can enhance your space and enjoy the dynamic clean lines of Svaja in your home, workplace, restaurant or hotel.

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