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Glass blowingWhile the first evidence of man-made glass occurs in Mesopotamia in the Late-Third/Early-Second Millennium B.C., the actual "blowing" of glass using a tube did not occur until sometime in the First century BC in Roman Syria.

Glassblowing is a form of art that requires extreme training and an intense level of aptitude. This advancement transformed the material's usefulness from a time-consuming process in which the medium was hot-formed around rough cores of mud and dung into a mass-producible material which could be quickly inflated into large, transparent, and leak-proof vessels.

Glassblowing techniques spread throughout the Roman world. Venice, particularly the island of Murano, became a centre for high quality glass manufacture in the late medieval period.

In addition to glassblowing as an art, many individuals pursue glassblowing as a hobby. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing hobbies.